BluePoint Web Services has been in service for over 9 years with a list of over 100 clients and growing. It offers an automated hub to integrate your e-commerce systems to your central business system. Whether you keep your business data in a spreadsheet or on a mainframe, our services can link your customer-facing systems (Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Magento, etc.), distribution and supply-chain system (such as VendorNet), and your “back-end” systems (such as NetSuite, AccPac or QuickBooks, or proprietary software), all with very little effort on your part.

Designed to run in a “hands-off” mode, BluePoint Services will take the automation of your systems as far as possible. In today’s world of multiple electronic channels for product sales and distribution, it is often very time-consuming to keep your product data synchronized between all of your eCommerce storefronts. Updates for inventory changes can be labor intensive, and even something as simple as catalog-wide price changes can be a large task when you consider the numerous sites and databases that need to be updated. We free you from that additional effort by extending the reach of your existing software to your eCommerce storefronts.

Choose your connector

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Yahoo!
  • Sears
  • Nexternal
  • Miva
  • ChannelAdvisor
  • Magento
  • 3D-Cart
  • CV3
  • Newegg
  • 3PL

Your Unique Requirements

Most systems offer some integration to your master data, but they are mainly geared to the requirements of the site itself, not to the format or requirements you have for your in-house data.

Our services allows your data-mapping configurations for each of your storefronts, and automates the transfer of product-data (both new listings and updates) between all systems, allowing you to keep your master data centralized.

Part of the “magic” of our services is that, unlike “canned” solutions, we recognize that your situation is unique, and are committed to customizing a solution that fits your needs. Our customization efforts are included in our standard subscription fee, so you aren’t faced with the usual high cost of a custom-developed software application.


Our pricing is based on a feed-based model so that you pay for the resources you use. We don’t charge for standard setup/configuration, we don’t require any service term contracts, and we won’t send you your first invoice until your account has been live for a month, meaning that you receive value before your first payment.


Base-Price: $225/month, no charge for setup/configuration.
Includes: Standard feeds for 2 storefronts (that's up-to four standard feeds), and standard setup/configuration.

Standard-Feed Price: $75/month - A standard feed is either a combined order/fulfillment feed, or a product-posting feed, for a single storefront. Setup/configuration is at no additional charge.

Custom-Feed Price: $50/month - Development of custom feeds is charged on an hourly basis - an approved estimate is required for development.

Add-Ons Price (each): $25/month - Add-Ons currently include our Amazon Repricer, and Amazon Shipping Overrides.

Other Feeds: Some feeds don't fall neatly into the above categories, and have been priced individually. These include some custom feeds (ones which either require significant resources to process, raising their price, or occasionally ones that require so little resource that we've discounted the price). These also include a few storefronts whose unique processing demands different pricing, as follows:
Sears Feeds: $30/month - We only support order/fulfillment processing for our Sears connector.
Yahoo Feeds: $75/month - This is priced the same as a standard feed, but includes multiple Yahoo accounts, rather than a single account as with our standard-feed prices.
Newegg Feeds: $50/month - Includes both order/fulfillment feed and product feed.

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